October 7th, 23h30

Vivian Buczek  . Vocal
Karl-Martin Almqvist . Tenor Sax
Martin Sjöstedt . Piano
Jesper Bodilsen . Bass
Adam Ross . Drums

Vivian Buczek, born on May 11, 1978 in Malmö, with Polish roots, is one of the most outstanding and engaging Swedish jazz singers.  She has a remarkable feeling for the jazz idiom and is a truly dynamic and emotional singer who comprehends the tradition and proudly carries the torch of female jazz singers.


Vivian started her musical journey 20 years ago and has since then been touring around the world, establishing a solo singing career with a string of albums from 2003 to 2022.


Her latest worldwide critically acclaimed album ROOTS (2022) is a journey back to her roots where she revisits her early musical influences and heritage.  The music consists of partly original music and chosen standard songs in bold and dynamic arrangements written by piano player and arranger Martin Sjöstedt, one of Swedens most outstanding musicians and arrangers.


Vivian and Martin Sjöstedt started their musical journey and collaboration 10 years ago and have since then recorded many albums, toured around the world and developed a unique and solid musical partnership.  Together they are joined by some of the leading musicians in Scandinavia – legendary Danish bass player Jesper Bodilsen who played at Angrajazz festival with Stefano Bollani many years ago (2010), Karl Martin Almqvist – one of the most expressive and dynamic Swedish saxophone players who plays in one of Europe’s leading big bands – Danish Radio Big Band – and is true role model for many young upcoming musicians.  Finally the Swedish new drum talent Adam Ross who adds and lifts the band’s sound with his fantastic bold, temperamental and dynamic playing.  The quintet creates an emotional, sincere and expressive act in modern soundscape always putting the audience and listeners in first place.


(Text by Vivian Buczek and